Luxury bespoke joinery

Contemporary clad design space

The requirement

To create a home office / artist studio for the owner, with suitable desk space and excellent light to the end of the garden.

The out come

The finished product was extremely successful and finished on-budget, reducing the on-site construction time compared to a traditional build by half. The clients were extremely pleased with the result and have enquired about forming another one for a family member.

How we made it

Given the boundary constraints, a robust on-site measure took place of the boundaries. Planning permission was required due to the boundary proximity and was granted approval. The building was divided into individual panels, whereby they included the support structure, insulation, plasterboard finish and exterior timber cladding and roofing substructure. These were transported to site and attached together. An electrical system and glazing components were installed, along with a rubberised roof finish. The interior joints were filled and the inside decorated.

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