Luxury bespoke joinery

Traditional Windows to Refurbished London House

The requirement

To replace and replicate two glazed units leading onto a terrace which had deteriorated. Hinged internal side shutters were also required.

The out come

A set of extremely well-crafted windows that really helped transform the refurbished room and restored some of the original character of the house.

How we made it

The existing windows/doors were removed to take accurate measurements of the opening, and to take sections of each profile for replication. The existing openings were boarded over temporarily to provide security and weatherproofing. The frame was constructed from Oak, which was planned and carved to match the exact dimensions and profiles of the original window. The central window dividers were profiled to match that of the original. The hinged shutters were copied over to new oak, with the inset panels and surrounding profiles matched to the original. A solid oak sill was profiled, stained and varnished. The entire unit was primed and painted ahead of installation. Bespoke glass panels were formed and implemented within the dividers. The original iron mongery was utilised; these was sandblasted, adjusted where required, sprayed, oiled, and installed. Each unit was transported and installed on-site.

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