Luxury bespoke joinery

Home Office Unit in Kent

The requirement

To form a modular desk and storage unit for everyday use at a residential house in Kent.

The out come

The result was a unique and compact home office that met the need of the client and provided a juxtaposition of modern style against the Victorian backdrop.

How we made it

A set of precedent images were provided to us by the client, illustrating the style and form that they wished to implement. An on-site measure took place and a set of options were presented to the client for approval. Once agreed, the primary frame of the unit was constructed from a high-quality wood composite and finished with a whitened timber veneer. Dove joints were used to connect the frame together and to provide a seamless finish. The cupboard drawers and panels were constructed out of high-quality medium density fibreboard and a spray finish applied complete with semi-gloss coating. Lightweight glide rails were installed to provide a effort-free means of opening and closing the drawers complete with anti-slam closers.

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