Luxury bespoke joinery

Modern Storage Cupboards

The requirement

To create much-needed storage to a minimal style residential home in Sussex.

The out come

The result was a set of modern storage units which tied together the aesthetic between the hallway and the dining room, and to the remaining house beyond.

How we made it

A site visit was undertaken whereby the client produced some images and sketches of a design they had in mind for a hallway. Alternative suggestions were discussed, which the client noted would work better and chose to proceed with. A measured survey of the area was undertaken. The project required the formation of a clean-looking aesthetic with a soft material finish to the face of the doors. The surrounding frame was formed from a high-quality wood composite and finished with walnut veneer. Miter joints were used at corners for connecting the frame. Internally, shelving was implemented using housed joints for a clean, minimal finish. The material was set into the recessed panels from the rear, to provide a seamless finish. A set of bespoke sideboards were formed in the same process for the dining area.

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